The Key To Total Ant Control For Edisto Island Homes


Edisto Island residents have a lot to do in their area. Edisto Island offers something for everyone, from visiting the Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve to enjoying the beaches and parks. It attracts visitors from all around the country and from around the world, too. Unfortunately, homes attract ants. Ants frequently infest homes in the area and can be challenging to control once established. DIY efforts can leave homeowners frustrated and allow ant infestations to thrive.

Effective ant control requires effective solutions, and Apex of Edisto Pest Management has the experience and professionalism to handle all forms of pest control on Edisto Island. If you have ants in your home, call us. We know how to get rid of ants.

The Life Cycle Of Common Ants

All ants start as eggs. Ants will establish a colony first, part of which houses ant eggs. Upon hatching, ants appear in the form of larvae. They then soon move into what is known as the pupal stage. The last stage for an ant is the move into full adulthood. From start to finish, it takes three months for ant eggs to turn into ant adults, with many reaching that goal in only two.

Ant control solutions require complete knowledge of how ants behave, and Apex of Edisto knows everything about ants. Contact us if ants move in, and we will quickly move to eliminate them and work with you to prevent them from returning to your home.

The Issues Ant Infestations Create In Homes

Here are some of the problems that ants on Edisto Island can cause when they infest homes:

  • Bites and stings: Ants can be very protective of colonies; even lone ants may bite.

  • Ruined food: Ants don't just eat your food; they take a stroll on it.

  • Allergies: Ants are well known for triggering allergies.

  • Home damage: Ants can block ducts and cause shorts in electrical equipment.

  • Frustration: Ants are hard to remove and can deeply frustrate homeowners. 

Ant infestations can be hard to control and can cause many problems. Apex of Edisto wants to help you with ant control in your Edisto Island home. Call us, and let our knowledge and experience go to work for you.

Why Do-It-Yourself Ant Control Often Fails

Ant control in Edisto Island can be surprisingly challenging. Ants tend to migrate out from hidden, centrally located colonies. DIY pest control may work on ants in the area you use it in, but it will miss ants in other locations, and the colony will remain hidden. Ants exploring your house can be a recurring problem, often returning to your home. Many homeowners that seek professional help do so after trying DIY methods — and failing — several times. These homeowners frequently express that they should have utilized professional pest control first.

If you have ants in your kitchen or any other place in your house, contact Apex of Edistol. We are your Edisto Island pest professionals and know how to get rid of ants in the kitchen and everywhere else in your home. 

The Most Effective Ant Control For Edisto Island Homes

Since ants can be so difficult to control once they move in, your best solution for effective ant control in the Edisto Island area is to contact Apex of Edisto immediately when you see them. Stopping ants early on is vastly better than risking infestations that spread.

The pest control experts at Apex of Edisto Pest Management want to share our professionalism and history of excellent results with you today. Ants may have come for a visit, but you do not have to let them stay. Apex of Edisto can help you say goodbye to ants. Reach out today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services on Edisto Island.