Edisto Island Opossums Can Be Hard To Keep Off Your Property


Opossums are one critter that you don’t want skulking around your home, thanks to the many health risks that this pest brings with them. To stop opossums from invading your property, you should be looking into Edisto Island pest control and the effective wildlife management services they can provide.

If you’re starting to see opossums outside of your home regularly, this pest is likely accessing an easy source of food, water, or shelter around your property. Factors that may attract opossums to your home include:

  • Overflowing trash cans, trash cans without lids, or uncovered compose heaps

  • Fallen fruit and nuts left in your yard

  • Food and drinks left out on decks or patios

  • Excess pools of moisture or general water-laden areas such as ponds, sewers, and drainage ditches

  • Overgrown foliage and shrubbery, as this makes good hiding spots

  • Access to sheltered burrows such as crawl spaces, holes in your yard, or the areas under homes and elevated sheds

You should keep in mind that reducing these factors can help keep opossums away from your property and deter them from living right outside your house.

Opossums Love To Eat! 

Opossums love virtually any food source they come across and spend long nights scavenging food from various areas. While they do have poor eyesight, they have a very keen sense of smell and hearing, which helps them find their way to food and detect predators or prey that might be around them.

Because opossums will eat everything from dead animals to fruits and grain to pet food and table scraps, you will often see opossums hiding out in urban areas near dumpsters or other trash-filled areas.

Opossums Can Be Dangerous

Opossums may be a nuisance pest, but this critter can be quite dangerous to host around your yard. Opossums are carriers of several serious diseases such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, tularemia, toxoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, relapsing fever, and spotted fever. You can pick up these illnesses via accidental interaction with the urine or feces that an opossum leaves behind around your property or through direct interaction with this pest. However, it is important to note that opossums rarely bite and prefer to play dead in the face of potential danger.

Additionally, opossums carry fleas, ticks, and mites all over their body. Once this pest is on your property, they will drop these parasites and increase the risk of your or your pets carrying them into your home and starting an infestation.

Total Nuisance Wildlife Control In Edisto Island

To put a stop to an active opossum infestation around your Edisto Island home, you should contact Apex Of Edisto Pest Management at the first sign of this pest. Our highly trained experts at Apex Of Edisto Pest Management in wildlife management and control. We will inspect your property for opossums and their favored living areas before implementing effective, tailored opossum removal solutions that leave your property completely free of this pest. 

So, instead of letting opossums run free on your property or putting into place less than effective trapping methods, trust Apex Of Edisto Pest Management to remove opossums and manage all of your wildlife control needs.