The Best Mosquito Protection For Edisto Island Properties


According to data from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, more than 60 species of mosquitoes are found statewide, which include the Asian tiger mosquito and Southern house mosquito. Mosquitoes are well-known for becoming uninvited guests that cause aggravation among those participating in outdoor activities, particularly in the warmest months of the year. Aside from being a nuisance, mosquitoes are dangerous pests that pose the greatest health risks.

Female mosquitoes have a proboscis mouthpiece that allows them to pierce the skin of a human or an animal and consume its blood. The females must consume sufficient quantities of blood from hosts to maintain the protein level necessary for developing eggs. The majority of those bitten by a mosquito will develop a small patch of red, itchy, and irritated skin; however, much more serious risks exist.

As they travel among various hosts, mosquitoes may transmit the West Nile virus, yellow fever, malaria, dengue, and other dangerous conditions. In response, agencies of public health, such as the CDC and local health departments, conduct educational initiatives and strategies for reducing the mosquito population. Mosquito eggs progress through phases as larvae and pupae before reaching adulthood. Females often lay eggs in groups of 50 or more.

What Property Conditions Are Likely To Attract Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes generally lay their eggs in pools of standing water, which is why they are usually found near lakes, ponds, and swamp areas. Property owners must take preventative action to minimize the presence of standing water.

Objects that can hold rainwater, including pots, buckets, old tires, and kiddie pools, should be removed from the premises, and the water in bird baths should be regularly refreshed to eliminate any eggs. Gutters and downspouts should be free of any debris to ensure that water is being routed away from the structure. Any leaking spigots and hoses should also be repaired.

Best Ways Of Preventing Mosquito Bites

  • Limit outdoor activity during the hours of dusk and dawn when these pests are the most active.

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and full-length pants to prevent directly exposing the skin.

  • Apply an EPA-approved insect repellant to the skin.

  • Data suggests mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women and those with type-O blood, so anyone with these factors should take extra precautions.

Why Should I Seek Assistance From A Pest Management Professional?

Many products are sold in local home improvement stores, and by online retailers are marketed as being a quick and easy solution for eliminating pests. Some of these include sprays, baiting stations, and granular formulas, which often create very mediocre results and simply cause further frustration. Also, some of these options might contain harsh chemical agents that pose health risks.

The best way of responding to most pest intrusions is to consult with a seasoned pest extermination professional who is trained and properly equipped to get the job done. They will conduct a detailed interior and exterior property inspection to assess the nature of the problem and propose the best treatment plan. An experienced professional will also diligently follow-up to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Licensed Pest Control Company In Edisto Island

Since 1995, the team of experts with Apex of Edisto Pest Management has been assisting customers in the Edisto Island region faced with problems associated with stinging insects, rodents, termites, and many other unwanted pests. We also understand the importance of operating in a manner that is safe for our customers and the local environment. Therefore, we now use many of the latest products available in the market today that are recommended by the Greater Charleston Pest Control Association and other industry leaders.

Our company is firmly committed to ongoing training and education, and staff members have earned many of the leading certifications, including Master Pest Control Technician, Master Termite Technician, and Wood Infestation Inspector. Contact our office today to schedule an onsite inspection and estimate. Remember to ask about our year-round protection plans. We offer a professional mosquito control service, as well as home pest control and commercial pest management services.