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Cockroaches that invade your Edisto Island home bring nothing but trouble as they invade interior and exterior areas. If you are dealing with a cockroach infestation, reach out to an Edisto Island pest control company. They will assist in controlling your infestation.

Can All Cockroaches Fly Around?

While most types of cockroaches will grow a pair of wings as adults, most cockroaches can’t actually use these wings to fly. Their wings are typically not strong enough to lift them off the ground except in ideal temperature conditions – cockroaches need external heat to help lift them off the ground – and their legs are much more convenient for running away. 

The two main species of cockroaches you might see flying around are the American cockroach, which can fly short distances when temperatures are above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The brown-banded cockroach adheres to the same temperature requirements, but only males of the species can fly.

What Is The Difference Between An American And a German Cockroach?

Cockroach identification is essential for your Edisto Island property, as you have to know which roach species you are up against in order to put the most effective cockroach control tactics in place. Fortunately, American and German cockroaches are fairly distinctive species, and you should be able to tell them apart using the following information.

  • American cockroaches are the largest roach species commonly encountered in homes, growing up to about 2 inches in length. German cockroaches are much smaller and grow around 1/2 of an inch long.
  • American cockroaches are reddish-brown, while German cockroaches are tan or light brown with dark parallel lines running down their bodies.
  • You are more likely to see German cockroaches in kitchens and bathrooms, and American cockroaches are more likely to inhabit areas like basements, crawl spaces, and drains.

It is important to note that German cockroaches are generally the more commonly home-invading species. However, American cockroaches do cause problems in human structures too. For help with further cockroach identification, contact Apex of Edisto Pest Management.

Are Cockroaches and Beetles Related?

Even though cockroaches and beetles can appear very similar and may often be confused as the same type of insect, these two pest species come from different insect orders and are unrelated. The key differences between these two insects are in the threats that they present when they invade and their overall behaviors. 

While cockroaches are highly unhygienic and present health and safety risks with their infestations, beetles present more of a property damage risk. Cockroaches are also more likely to run wild over the surfaces and food storage areas around your property; beetles will stay near stored grains, fabrics, upholstered surfaces, and outdoor areas with gardens. Either way, you should be reaching out to Edisto Island pest control professionals to deal with infestations of these insects.

Professional Roach Control Made For Edisto Island Homes

For cockroach pest control on Edisto Island, you can count on; look no further than Apex of Edisto Pest Management. Our team knows exactly how troublesome an infestation of cockroaches can be, and we strive to eradicate your home from this dangerous pest fully. With the help of our in-depth inspections, curated treatment plans, and follow-up cockroach treatments, there is no infestation of roaches that we can’t identify and safely remove.

Contact us today to learn more about Apex of Edisto Pest Management and our eco-friendly pest control solutions and speak to our knowledgeable techniques. Plus, request an estimate for our cockroach control services so you can start defeating this pest in no time at all.