Edisto Island Property Owner's Guide To Complete Termite Control


Many homeowners struggle to eradicate termites and keep them away. A lot of people don't understand where they come from, to begin with. You can't remove vulnerabilities if you have no idea where to start. Should they pop up, there will be too many to count. Locating all of their nests is especially difficult too. Normally, some time will go by before evidence of termite damage is visible. Therefore, folks often find themselves in dire straights with these bugs. Defeating them requires specialty pest control in Edisto Island.

Once you've seen signs of termites inside your house, you have to act. It's a common mistake to depend on store products like insecticides. The items have mixed results in various cases and can even make the situation more severe. Use this guide from Apex of Edisto Pest Management to learn more about termite prevention and control.

Why You're Not Likely To See Termites Around Your Home

By and large, the workers and soldiers in a termite colony remain on the inside of foundations. Otherwise, they may be wriggling around in the soil. That said, it's not likely you'll see them. They aren't very noticeable in the first place. Both are about 1/4 of an inch long. Most workers, who mutilate wood, are white-colored. Soldiers are usually yellow-brown. Their rectangle-shaped heads are a dark shade, and they have huge mandibles. If you spot any termites at all, it will be the winged swarmers. It's their role to originate nests and mate. These brown or black pests are 1/2 an inch long.apre

Since active termites aren't easily detected, look out for these indicators: 

  • Strewn swarmer wings 
  • Heaps of fecal frass in proximity to the maze patterns, holes, and mud tubes of termites 
  • Hollow-sounding foundations 
  • Hearing clicking and rustling noises from behind walls
  • Shedding and puffy paint 
  • Limp and faded drywall
  • Slacking and wobbly tiles
  • Loose and squeaky floorboards
  • Window frames and doors that are stuck

Again, it's important to seek expert help when it's apparent termites are present.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Cause To Your Home

Your home may not have suffered any water damage before, but it will appear that way if there's a termite infestation. The walls and floors will likely be quite stained or discolored. Ceilings might start to hang or crumble, while posts and foundations become insecure. You might have to move to a different residence if things get bad enough. Repairs could certainly be expensive.

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Termites On Your Property 

Once more, termites and their nests could be unreachable. You can hurt yourself trying to dismantle a wall or dig around outside for these bugs. Should you hope for the best and generously spray a pesticide, you'll be disappointed with the outcome. The insects are rather resilient. If any die, it will only be a small amount. Another issue with shelf goods, like boric acid, is chemical exposure. There can be a negative impact on plants, pets, and humans. Natural termite treatments are known to repel these pests, but only for a short time. People often put vinegar or orange oil on wood to try and repel them.

Complete Termite Removal For Edisto Island Properties

We at Apex of Edisto Pest Management have superior termite treatments that you can't find at any retail shop. Our solutions are strong enough to wipe out colonies but safe. You'll have a range of plans to choose from that are friendly to household budgets. Call us today for more information! You can count on us to get rid of termites!