Do You Need A Professional To Deal With Termites In Edisto Island?


There are a lot of active termites in Edisto Island. Some are busy breaking down fallen trees, dead stumps, and other wood clutter out in nature. Others are digging into area homes to look for easily accessible meals. If you are looking for signs of termites to identify these pests and some methods on how to prevent termites, you are in the right place. Here is how to stay on top of termite problems in your Edisto Island home.

How To Identify Termites In Edisto Island

Termites are among the most elusive pests in our area. They do not crawl through homes like most other pests in our area do. They do not have a need to do so. All of their food is inside your walls or somewhere in your yard. Their homes are built underground in places you cannot easily see. These things contribute to how difficult termites are to spot. Keeping all of this in mind, here are some signs of termites to look out for to identify these pests without having to see them specifically.

  • Mud tubes crawling up your home’s exterior foundation

  • Termite swarmers around your property

  • Discoloration to your walls, floors, and ceilings due to water damage

  • Overly squeaky floorboards and stairs

  • Tight-fitting windows and doors

  • Bubbling wallpaper and paint

  • Sagging drywall

  • Dipping floors or ceilings

  • Visible galley ways running through structural wood

Something you should know about termite damage is that it doesn’t happen quickly. Termites are silent destroyers. It takes these pests months if not years to severely damage a property. The kicker is that by the time you notice they are there, you may already be looking at thousands of dollars in repair costs.

How Hard Is It To Get Rid Of Termites In Edisto Island?

Dealing with termites becomes more difficult the less you know. Untrained people who buy products and try to eliminate these pests usually have little to no success doing so. Professionals with years of training and access to the right tools have absolutely no trouble with termite removal. A professional also has access to technology that identifies termites underground and deep inside structural wood. All you have is your eyes and the ability to guess whether termites are eating away at your home or not.

Is There A Way To Prevent Termites In Edisto Island?

If your Edisto Island home does not currently have a termite infestation, great! This means you have an opportunity to put in place preventative measures to keep these pests away. Here are four strategies for termite prevention in Edisto Island.

  1. Address moisture issues in and around your home like water build-up, leaky piping, and damaged gutters.

  2. Avoid using wood-based mulch near your home’s exterior.

  3. Store firewood and untreated lumber at least 30 feet from your home and outbuildings. 

  4. Remove sticks, leaves, cardboard, paper, and other wood or wood-based materials from your property.

Why Termite Control In Edisto Island Is Necessary

If you are looking for the best termite control near you, we recommend checking out the comprehensive service options at Apex of Edisto Pest Management. We offer affordable termite and pest control options to help property owners protect their investments against destructive, annoying, and dangerous area creatures. If you suspect your home is infested and are here searching for how to get rid of termites, we have services for that as well.

Contact our team today to find out more about our comprehensive home pest control and commercial exterminator services, and schedule your Edisto Island property for a detailed inspection.