The Struggle With Overwintering Pests In Edisto Island


When the weather is gradually cooling down, some pests can seek shelter in your home. They need to find a warm, secure hiding place where they may spend the winter protecting themselves from the cold. Pests that overwinter search for concealed places to dwell where they won't be disturbed or hurt. This typically means they hide inside walls, attics, basements, or garages. They might be in your shed as well. You might need to contact Apex Of Edisto Pest Management for pest control in Edisto Island since these pests can be a problem.

What Are Overwintering Pests?

Some pests can survive the winter months by employing a strategy known as "overwintering," also known as hibernating or "waiting out" during the winter months. The insects that overwinter will look for a suitable location, such as underneath the bark of trees, under plant material, or inside structures, like your home.

They occasionally venture outside into a home's living area during the overwintering season to let people know they are there. However, they typically appear in the spring as the temperatures rise. During the springtime, there is an increase in pest visibility in and around your house. Contact a professional for home insects pest control as soon as you notice signs of overwintering insects.

The Problem With Overwintering Pests Is When They Want To Come Inside

These seasonal pests might be an issue for you in several ways. These insects entering your home and hiding in warm spots are one of the most critical problems. Due to their preference for isolated regions throughout the winter, you might not notice that these pests are there. When the temperature warms up again, you might discover that previously unknown insects are swarming around your house.

A seasonal pest example is the stink bug, one of the pests that can produce offensive scents. Others, such as ladybugs, leave behind waste products and sticky substances. Even if an overwintering insect does not exhibit one of those unfavorable traits, it can still grow to be a severe annoyance in your home by multiplying.

The second major issue with bugs that overwinter is that when spring arrives, these pests can harm the plants in your landscaping because they have been dormant all winter.

Factors That Attract Overwintering Pests To Your Property

Even if the temperatures are beginning to fall, that does not imply that you are free from dealing with pests. Some pests try to find refuge inside homes to escape the severe winter weather. Here are some of the factors that attract bugs to your property:

  • Moisture
  • Food sources
  • Light bulbs
  • Isolated warm spots in your home

Pests that overwinter can frequently be discovered on the exterior of structures in the early fall, but as soon as the cooler months begin, they move inside of homes by finding cracks and fissures in the foundation of the structure. This allows them to avoid harsh weather.

Contact The Professionals For Complete Pest Control This Winter

Pests that overwinter may try to infiltrate your home in search of alternative food sources if they cannot reach the food they typically consume during the winter months. The key to preventing pests from overwintering in your Edisto Island, South Carolina, home is to practice suitable fall protection measures. The most efficient method for dealing with this issue is to anticipate its occurrence and maintain preventative measures, particularly during winter. 

Contacting professionals is the best pest control for your home. Apex Of Edisto Pest Management can provide specialized seasonal pest control services to prevent these unwanted guests from ever setting foot inside your home during winter again. Call us now to set up an appointment or learn more about the regions we service for residential and home pest control.