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Commercial Pest Control In Edisto Island, SC

Quality Pest Control For Your Edisto Island Business

With an economy based largely on the tourism industry, business owners on Edisto Island understand the necessity of making a good first impression. Guests who visit will not be inclined to return or recommend our area to their friends and family if they have a bad experience. One thing that can lend itself to a bad experience is a pest infestation. Pests are not something people want to come into contact with, but pests can also cause problems that make people sick, damage your property, and cost you money.

No matter what industry your business falls under, you don't want to deal with the headaches that go along with a pest infestation. To keep your business in good standing and avoid a host of problems, you need pest control that eliminates pest activity in and around your facility and prevents local pests from getting inside. Apex of Edisto Pest Management has decades of experience keeping commercial properties in our pest control service areas free of harmful pests.

Our Commercial Pest Control Process

If you need our pest control services, we'll begin by inspecting your property to identify the pests that are present, how they're getting inside, and where they're harboring. We'll use the information you provide us about what you've been seeing and will look at cracks and crevices, under sinks, around pipes, and more. 

We base our treatments on your needs, and we use a variety of treatment methods and products to provide you with the best results possible. Inside your facility, we usually treat around doors, windows, and access points, use baits and gels in pantry areas for cockroaches, and treat cracks and crevices. We'll also knock down spider webs and wasp nests around the property.

Follow-up services are necessary on a regular basis to keep pests out of your business. Most businesses require monthly re-treatments, but we'll work with you to determine the schedule that best meets your business's specific needs.

Facilities We Service

Rental Properties

With frequent turnover, the chances of your rental property ending up with a pest infestation increases with each new renter. Keep pests out with the help of Apex of Edisto Pest Management.


Your homeowners' association likely has certain obligations to the people in the neighborhood. If pests have invaded shared spaces, you need the services of Apex of Edisto Pest Management.


If pests run rampant through your timeshare buildings, you'll likely find it harder and harder to find people interested in returning. Apex of Edisto Pest Management will help make sure they enjoy their stay.


When it comes to advertising, good reviews are worth their weight in gold. If the guests at your resort find pests, their reviews will not be glowing. Stop pests and bad reviews with Apex of Edisto Pest Management.


A pest infestation in your business will not only damage your reputation but can also sicken your customers. Protect them and keep your restaurant in good standing with Apex of Edisto Pest Management.


If pests find their way into your store, they can easily damage your inventory, costing you a substantial amount of money. Protect your store with the help of Apex of Edisto Pest Management.

Why You Should Choose Apex of Edisto Pest Management For Your Business

You can trust Apex of Edisto Pest Management to take care of all your commercial pest control needs.

  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • We are family-owned and operated.
  • We have been in business since 1995.
  • We believe in honest, old-fashioned service that takes care of the customer above all.
  • We provide fair, honest, and high-quality services.
  • We are certified Master Pest Control Technicians, Master Termite Technicians, and Wood Infestation Inspectors.
  • We are highly trained.
  • We use eco-friendly products.
  • We guarantee our services.
  • We provide same-day and emergency services.
  • We offer several pest-specific service options including mosquito control, termite treatments, and wildlife removal services.

We Work For You

At Apex of Edisto Pest Management, we work hard to provide our customers with the high-quality, effective services you need to keep your business pest-free. Offering fair, honest, and experienced service performed by our highly-trained technicians, we will identify, treat, eliminate, and prevent pest problems in your Edisto Island home or business. "Doing the Right Thing" is not just our motto; it's how we live. Contact us today to request your estimate.

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