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Mosquito Control

Professional Mosquito Control In Edisto Island, SC

Mosquitos can be a real buzz-kill when you’re trying to enjoy time outside. Not only do their bites leave itchy red welts across your skin, but they are also known vectors for several dangerous diseases. Many homeowners in South Carolina get overwhelmed trying to get a handle on these blood-sucking pests. Still, luckily the people of Edisto Island can rely on the expertise of the Apex Of Edisto team to drive them away.

Our Mosquito Control Process

Mosquito control can be stressful for homeowners to deal with on their own. Many people rely on store-bought repellents like citronella to keep them at bay but quickly find that it isn’t quite enough. At Apex Of Edisto, we offer monthly treatments during prime mosquito season April-October and one-time treatments for special events.

  • Inspection: The first step in our mosquito control process is to look for conducive conditions, such as standing water or other areas of moisture. We use this information to determine the best treatment plan for your property.
  • One-Time Treatment: To eliminate mosquitoes for a one-time event, we will fog areas of leaf foliage, use an eco-friendly larvicide in nearby standing water, and apply a granular treatment in the exact location the event will take place. These treatments are completed 24-48 hours before the event, weather permitting.
  • Monthly Treatment (April-October): Monthly control treatments include fogging areas of leaf foliage, using an eco-friendly larvicide in standing water, and using mosquito traps in areas where spraying isn’t possible. These treatments will be applied monthly from April through October.

To further reduce the number of mosquitoes from your Edisto Island property, we recommend eliminating areas of standing water caused by poor drainage and dumping containers that may collect rainwater, as these are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Our proven mosquito control methods will prevent swarms of vampire bugs from making a meal out of you and your guests.

Start Enjoying Your Mosquito-Free Edisto Island Property!

The professional team at Apex Of Edisto Pest Management is ready to take care of all of your pest control needs. As a local, family-owned pest control company, we understand the importance of protecting your loved ones. Your time is valuable, so we will always answer your calls, and our certified and skilled technicians will always arrive on time. We take great pride in our knowledge of area pests, and we look forward to providing top-quality services to all of our neighbors in Edisto Island, SCContact us today to schedule services or request an estimate!

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