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Termite Control

Superior Termite Control For Your Edisto Island Home

Termites are one of the most common and most devastating pests that homeowners face. They often go unnoticed until they've invaded the deepest corners of your house, leaving a trail of destruction in their path. Not only are they a danger to the integrity of your home, but the costs associated with eliminating them and repairing what they've destroyed can be steep. Fortunately, you do not have to face this pest pressure alone. The professional team at Apex Of Edisto has the knowledge, tools, and skills to identify and eliminate termite infestations and protect your house from future termite problems.

Our Professional Termite Control Process And Offerings

Termite infestations will always require specialized treatment to eliminate them from your home. Prevention and annual monitoring is the best way to protect your house from the devastation a termite problem can bring to you and your family. We offer prevention and treatment services, annual termite inspections, and Wood Infestation Inspection services to the Edisto Island area of South Carolina.

Prevention & Treatment:

The easiest way to deal with a termite problem is to prevent them from infesting your home. Not only do we offer pretreatments for new construction, but we also treat existing structures to keep termites away. 

  • The treatments for new construction of both residential and commercial properties include pretreating the soil before concrete is poured, treating wood structures with borate, and installing advanced termite baiting systems once the construction is complete.
  • We will treat existing structures using Termidor HE liquid. To apply this treatment, we need to drill holes in expansion joints, beside pilings, and any other conducive areas to treat the soil beneath the concrete slab. Once we've applied the liquid treatment, we will seal all drill holes, then trench and treat the perimeter of the home's exterior.

Annual Termite Inspections:

Termite problems often go unnoticed until it's too late. Our solution to this is to offer annual termite inspections. This yearly assessment enables us to get the upper hand and detect these problem insects early on to prevent costly damages. During this inspection, we will examine the exterior of the building, underneath if accessible, storage areas, as well as the interior of the structure to look for signs of termite activity or conducive areas. If we find active termite colonies, we will treat them as soon as possible. If we discover conducive areas that can be corrected, they will be photographed and emailed to the owner in a full report once we complete the inspection. Annual inspections protect your home and extend our warranty, which exclusively covers subterranean and Formosan termites.

Wood Infestation Inspections:

Wood Infestation Inspections, also known as a CL-100 Report, are frequently required by banks and mortgage brokers before they will finance a new home purchase or refinance an existing mortgage. These inspections offer new home buyers and the financial institution protection by reporting on any termite activity before money changes hands. 

We perform all of our termite control services following the guidelines and recommendations of the South Carolina Department of Pesticide Regulations. Our treatment services include a one-year warranty that covers subterranean and Formosan termites exclusively. This warranty can be extended by opting into our annual termite inspection service.

Get Started With Superior Termite Protection For Your Edisto Island Property

Our experienced team of termite experts at Apex Of Edisto will bring peace of mind to you and your family, no matter which of our termite control solutions your property requires. With services that cover prevention, treatment, and annual monitoring, you can rest assured that your real estate investment will be well protected against any termites that dare to threaten it.

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